Victoria Alert

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Make sure you have update your Vic Alert to the lastest Version.

Current Version is 2.0

Thanks for choosing Victoria Alert ^_^

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1. Try to use the widget function. You can choose which category you want to read.
2. Use search function to locate your regional alert
3. Change sync, message store, notification setting to fit your preference.
4. Warning! The app could consume up to 1GB data in one month if use map function frequently or there are too many bushfire alert. However, normal use (with setting background sync to every 12 hours and sync image only in Wifi ) consumes much less data.

How to view larger text in Bushfire Warning and Advice Section

Just Use fingers to scale the content in your browser

or following the steps

1. Click Warning and Advice (Large Font)

2. Choose system default browser

3. In the system default browser, left click memu – setting – accessibility

4. Scale text up to fit your preference.

  • Lynne Chisholm

    Lynne43 ……why is it that in the alert section, it is black on grey text that can’t be read? After the initial warning of the areas, the font is so tiny that we can’t read it. Living in a rural area, this could be dangerous. May help also if you asked first in the comments if we are registered users before writ ing all this and finding out you have to be registered. Can we have the font enlarged please ASAP. I do have it as the largest font but either that isn’t working or the largest font is only size 1. Thanks in advance

  • PlayStudio

    Dear User,

    I have to admitted, I already found this problem in the last update. The Information source has been locked by CFA so the font size is always 11 and the color is always the block, which is very inconvenient. In the last update I have change the default theme to Light, and I recommend all users change to light theme. Regarding to the font size, I really have no good solution currently

    Regarding to the comment system, as this page is also available online, a register system can protect the site from spamming and online attack.

    Thank you for your reviewing and hope it helps.

  • Lynne Chisholm

    Thank you so much. Us ” oldies” need to be able to read these alerts and thank you so much for the app. As some one that has had fires all around us in bothe Sale and Dromana, I appreciate this app and the Fire ready app as well. Cheers, Lynne

  • Playstudio

    Version 2.0 will has a ABC link, the font will be slightly larger, and you can change the text size in the your browser, just scale it. I am trying to figure out a better solution.

  • Lynne Chisholm

    It’s looking good thanks. Even tho font size is 11, it is readable now. On most sites if you double tap the page ( on a tablet anyway) it does enlarge the font. This site it goes from the 11 to about a ten. I’m happy I can read it. Cheers and thanks again

  • Rodney Armarego

    Strangely we aren’t all glued to our phones waiting for the next emergency warning from Victoria alert.

    To truly be effective, this app must put the title of the alert into the notification stream so that our phones can read it out loud in the first instance and it’s always there in our list if we miss the audible cue. This could be the difference between life n death as seconds count in emergencies. Please don’t delay this update.