Queensland Alert

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1. Try to use the widget function. You can choose which category you want to read.
2. Use search function in ERIC and feeds to locate your regional alert
3. Change sync, message store, notification setting to fit your preference.

Please note, this app does not provide location fliter function as well as GPS locating function.

I am not a IT guy and I use third party software to build it and currently, it does not have these functions. You can use search function in the feed, or Map function to find your surrounding alerts. Though some alerts covers most area of Queensland. I really appreciate your understanding and is trying my best to improve the app using the third party software.

In the last update, default sync has been changed to every 2 hours, and image background sync has been disabled to reduce battery and data comsumption. Existing user’s sync setting will not be affected and a longer sync period setting is recommend.

Hope it helps, Thanks.

  • Stewart

    Cannot filter by region/location. Thus too much information and as a result none if it gets read.

  • geoff

    Would be good if could filter location